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What is the cracking/popping sounds from joints? 

According to a 2015 MRI study the sounds that are heard when your joints crack/pop it is not associated with "bubbles colapsing" but accually just the opposite, a space between the joints is created. 

Either way most people don't like the sound!  Check out additional information about the study at:







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June 18, 2019 - Medscape - "Nerve Simulator Showing Promise in Rheumatoid Arthritis"  A small study of an implanted devise is showing promise for individuals with RA using an implantable device.        For more information on this study click the link below


MCRI is staying on the curve with a study we are currently running involving vagus stimulation with a device that is not implanted but an external vagus nerve simulator.   We are looking for individuals who are not having success with their current RA medications to be part of this study.  For more information contact us at 239-262-1067.

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